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  • Cisco ASA Failover Best Practice


    Here’s the recommended best practice to configure Failover on Cisco ASA. Active unit: interface Ethernet0/0  duplex full  nameif outside ip address standby no shutdown interface Ethernet0/1  duplex full  nameif inside  ip address standby no shutdown interface Ethernet0/2  description STATE Failover Interface no shutdown interface Ethernet0/3  description LAN Failover Interface […]

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  • Fortigate NAT DMZ

    FG NAT

    To create outside NAT in the DMZ, first make sure you have configured the policy and NAT for LAN users to access the internet. config firewall policy edit 1 set srcintf “port3” set dstintf “port1” set srcaddr “all” set dstaddr “all” set action accept set schedule “always” set service “ALL” set nat enable end When […]

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  • Reset Fortigate Password


    Everybody has ever forgotten their password once. That’s when this tutorial comes in handy, if you forgot your Fortigate password (or even if you want to reset any Fortigate password). This will require physical access to the Fortigate and a reboot of the unit. Here are the steps: Connect console cable to the Fortigate unit. […]

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  • Initial Installation and Configuration on Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services and FireSIGHT Defense Center (pt. 2)


    Part 1: http://furiousfiber.com/installation-configuration-cisco-asa-firepower-services-firesight-defense-center/ After you configured the network of the Defense Center, browse to it (https://<Defense Center IP>) and login with the same credentials as before. You will be asked to change the password and configure the network settings such as hostname, DNS, NTP, etc. You can skip the Device Configuration for later. Go to […]

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  • Initial Installation and Configuration on Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services and FireSIGHT Defense Center (pt. 1)


    Requirements First you need to download the boot and system files from Cisco downloads (license required), e.g: asasfr-5500x-boot-5.3.1-152.img asasfr-sys-5.3.1-152.pkg Sourcefire_Defense_Center_Virtual64_VMware-ESXi-5.4.0-763.ovf Install FirePOWER Services on ASA # sh module The ASA can only run a single software module, so if the IPS module is running, shut it down. # sw-module module ips shutdown # sw-module module […]

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  • Networking Prayer

    CRwP-EtW0AAM9OZ.jpg large

    Our APs who art in the ceiling, Hallowed by thy frames, Thy connection come, Thy authentication be done, On wireless, as is on copper, Give us this ack, and our assigned DHCP address, And forgive our collisions, As we forgive those who collide against us, Lead us not in to limited connection, But deliver us […]