• Security
  • Upgrade Check Point Gaia from R77.20 to R77.30


    What’s new in R77.30? To upgrade from R77.20 to R77.30, first you need to upgrade the Deployment Agent (CPUSE). The files below are needed, you can download it from Check Point’s website. Check_Point_R77_20_R77_30_T204.tgz DeploymentAgent_000000802_1.gz If you already downloaded the files, copy them to a flash disk and plug it in┬áthe USB port on the Check […]

  • Networking
  • Networking Prayer

    CRwP-EtW0AAM9OZ.jpg large

    Our APs who art in the ceiling, Hallowed by thy frames, Thy connection come, Thy authentication be done, On wireless, as is on copper, Give us this ack, and our assigned DHCP address, And forgive our collisions, As we forgive those who collide against us, Lead us not in to limited connection, But deliver us […]